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PokerThink is the first poker tutorial ever filmed at a live No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, at the beautiful Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, Missouri. After key hands, World Champion Tom McEvoy comments on what the players did right, and more importantly, what they did wrong. Throughout this hour long future classic, Tom invites viewers “into his head” and allows them to see, for the first time, how a Champion Thinks his way to Success. Whether a raw beginner, or a seasoned player, there is so much to learn that everyone will come away a better player.  Other poker videos try to show you how to play better.. this one offers unique insights not available anywhere else.

This mandatory addition to every poker library (and the best way to START one!) should be viewed over and over again. Tom McEvoy imparts SO much wisdom and advice, it’s impossible to absorb it all in one viewing. The brain is like any other muscle ... it needs to be exercised … PokerThink exercises your brain to THINK like a pro… and to win like one, too!