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  • Texas Hold'Em is a game that is learned in two minutes but mastered in a lifetime.
  • A successful player knows that everyone will eventually get lucky cards. Winning in the long run is determined by how you maximize the good hands and minimize your losses on losing hands.
  • Assume that everyone knows the odds of drawing out a successful hand. You can still make them vulnerable to your bets, raises and bluffs if you know how they are thinking and how their actions relate to their cards.
  • Know your seat position at the table. Many players play the same way regardless of whether they are the first or last to act.  Your play should be influenced by what you see before your play. Thatís why late position can be so advantageous.
  • Be attentive. Never play while you are tired or influenced by alcohol.
  • Learn about your opponent's little habits and small mannerisms. If you notice that another player has a habit of doing something just before he or she raises, you can gain a huge advantage.
  • Vary your style of play.  Remember, your opponents are watching you too. If you play the same way in similar situations, they will gain an advantage.
  • Unless you know how to manage your money and your bets, you will not be successful.
  • If you are playing in a "structured game", you need enough chips to ride out any cold streaks of bad cards.
  • A good rule of thumb is to begin with fifty times the amount of chips as the "big blind" at  your table. If there is a big blind of 6, you want to have a stake of 300.  This will enable you to withstand a cold streak. 
  • Take a short break if you get emotional from a "bad beat" or argument. Poker takes all you skills and attention. Emotions can hurt your game.
  • Play poker for its recreational values too.  You can improve your social skills, make new friends, and have a lot of fun playing in small stakes games.  Iíve seen very wealthy people play in penny games for the sheer fun of it, and enjoy themselves big time!
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