Success Stories

“I’ve always wondered if a book or video could actually teach you to be a better poker player.  Now I know.  After reading the usual “how to” books and watching a video that taught me nothing, I decided to try once more with PokerThink.  As soon as I started watching I knew I’d found something that would make me a winner.  The format of a real tournament with lessons on real situations as they occurred helped me like nothing before! I have watched it several times and each viewing teaches me more.  Thanks, PokerThink.  I look forward to your next video, Secrets of Limit Hold ‘Em.”

B.H.  Chicago, IL

“I’m new to poker and have just been playing at home since watching the TV poker shows.  I went to a casino to play but was intimidated and left because I didn’t feel I knew enough to sit in a live game with strangers. The PokerThink video gave me the understanding and confidence to return, participate, and actually enjoy myself! I came out ahead and had loads of fun."

N.S.  New Buffalo, MI

"P.S. The poker glossary with examples was excellent!"

"My poker pals think they’re just playing against me… but they’re playing against me AND Tom McEvoy.. They DON’T STAND A CHANCE!! Every time I watched this great DVD, I picked up something new… you ALMOST put TOO much information in there.. But thanks, and I‘m glad you did…"

B.A.  Dover, DE

"I’ve played poker tournaments for about 4 years now, in casinos from Atlantic City to Los Angeles. While I’ve finished in the money a few times, it wasn’t until after I watched PokerThink for about the 4th time that it finally SANK IN MY BRAIN.. How to think like a PRO!!! Well, I won the next tourney I entered.. Feel like I should mail Tom McEvoy a commission on my winnings!!! Thanks, Tom"

P.W.  Houston, TX

"I heard that the late great poker pro Johnny Moss once said, “The only thing better than playing poker and winning, is playing poker and losing” That describes my poker life prior to PokerThink.. I rarely would win, but enjoyed the camaraderie of it all to the extent that being a loser didn’t bother me. Well, THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!!! Thanks to PokerThink, and Tom McEvoy’s teachings, my old poker buddies don’t like me at the table as much as they used too!!"

J.C.   Reno, NV

"I'm a regular player who plays several times a week. As I watched PokerThink I couldn't believe one of the hands shown was exactly like one I misplayed in a big game several weeks ago! Had I seen this DVD before that game I would have played differently and won bigtime." 

L.G. Chicago, Il