Congratulations Tom McEvoy!
Winner of the Bay 101 Tournament March 12th.
A Cool $225,000.00!!
Tom not only teaches Poker, he wins too!!

An All-Pro football player canít teach you enough to get you to play in the Super Bowl.

An All-Star basketball player canít make you good enough to get to the NBA Finals.

But Tom McEvoy, America's Greatest Poker Teacher, can improve your game and get you thinking enough like a pro to get you to the World Series of Poker!  Tom has won 4 World Series of Poker championships and was the World Champion in 1983.

Thatís right, Tom McEvoy, a 4 time World Series of Poker Champion, and author of numerous poker books, CAN get you thinking like a pro.  The PokerThink Series, done in tournament style format with discussions of how hands are played and more importantly HOW THEY SHOULD BE PLAYED, is the finest poker instructional system available today.

Whether you are a beginner, or consider yourself an expert, you will benefit from the lessons to be learned from the PokerThink products.  They will become an important part of your poker library that you will refer to over and over.

If you only play in an occasional friendly game, or are a casino regular, youíll be glad you learned the lessons presented in PokerThink!


Make it more enjoyable by winning more hands as you learn to think like a pro.